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What you will find here?

On this page you will find all available multimedia materials such as videos, music and movies. All of them are devided into 5 categories:

Why there is music here and what for?

Nothing more clearly underlines and strengthen the emotions in movies, videos and events as music. It gives more color and deepness, telling the story in its own way, becoming integral part of it. That's why all music scores are specially written and created for the expedition project, for its attractiveness and bring out more from it.

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New Silk Road 2017 expedition Main theme
Full New Silk Road 2017 expedition Main theme

Category: music | Added: 2017-03-15

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New Silk Road 2017 expedition Main theme

music | 2017-03-15

Views139 10

The expedition route - New Silk Road 2017

info | 2017-02-12

Views26 1

Discoveries, surprises and the unexpected - music

music | 2017-01-30

Views25 6

Remnants of the past - music

music | 2017-01-18

Views15 7

The exploration march - short version - music

music | 2017-01-13

Views35 18

New Silk Road 2017 expedition teaser

promo | 2016-12-08

Views26 1

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Expedition starts: august - september 2017
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