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Show your country! Countries on the expedition route seen with your eyes - photo gallery

Who better to show beauty and attractiveness of a country then people living in it and people visiting it?

7 countries on the expedition route (Poland, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China) shown on photographs taken by you, people living there or people who have traveled there/ Landscapes, cities, culture and history, local food, in other words interesting attractions of any country.

Show countries in the most attractive way!

Do you live in any of the countries on the expedition route? Or maybe you have traveled there? Show others the your or other country in most attractive way. How? It's simple! Details on the bottom of the page!

Main photo categories:

All photos (12) Poland (0) China (0) Russia (0) Kazakhstan (0) Belarus (0) Uzbekistan (3) Kyrgyzstan (9)
All photos
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402176)
0 • Kyrgyzstan
Timur statue Tashkent (sc51302171)
0 • Uzbekistan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402174)
3 • Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402175)
1 • Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402177)
0 • Kyrgyzstan
Ala-Kul lake Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402178)
1 • Kyrgyzstan
Tashkent, cities of Uzbekistan (sc51302170)
0 • Uzbekistan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402170)
0 • Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402173)
0 • Kyrgyzstan
Small souvenir sculptures Uzbekistan (sc51302172)
1 • Uzbekistan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402172)
0 • Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan landscape (sc60402171)
1 • Kyrgyzstan

How it works?

1. Go to our Facebook page or our Google+ community (7 countries photography - only photos tagged #showyourcountry, read community description) and send us your photo. 2. Add name (title), country and city or region of the photo, 1 of 4 categories (cities, landscapes, culture and history, local food), add your own comment if you want, and don't forget to put your name (or your full name if you want) and country you are from. 3. We will be choosing few photos once in a while and put them in official gallery of your photos on our website and not only.

Before you will send us your photo read our rules and guidelines!

What more? In other words what do you get?

We will take few of the most interesting photos with us and will show them on presentations and galleries during the expedition and on exhibitions after the expedition, as an extra content (we wont forget to sign them with authors name). And more? Chosen photos will be published in photo album (photo story) from the expedition as an extra section regarding attractiveness of countries.

Show your countrie gallery

Expedition starts: august - september 2017
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