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Photography contest Show your country

New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition

Submit photos. Vote on photos.

Contest ends in february 2018
Rozstrzygnięcie: march 2018



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Vote on photos! Submit your photos!

7 countries on the expedition route as you see them. Vote on most interesting photos. How to submit photos? What is the contest all about? Click on details!


What can you win?

A book about the expedition with photographs that have won our contest. Also during the expedition as well as before it and after it we will support your promotion as authors of winning photographs.

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Starting now
you can submit your photos.

Gallery and voting
from the middle of december.

What is the contest about?

Main idea: to show in most attractive way countries on the expedition route by ordinary people living in them or just visiting them as tourists.

Who can participate?

Everybody! Amateurs and professionals from all over the world. There are no restrictions on the participation.


The prize is a book about the expedition with special dedication from Jacek Palkiewicz, which will include published 14 winning. We will also include winning photos in exhibitions after the expedition and in special scenography of the conferences during the expedition to help your promotion as photographs authors.

How does it work?

The contest last until the end of february 2018 and untill that time you can submit photos and vote on them. 14 photos will win: 7 photos with most votes that you will chose, and 7 photos we will chose in march 2018.

How to submit pictures?

All you have to do is send us an e-mail with a photo you want to submit, correct description of the photo with your name and surname as an author. Photographs in accordance with our Terms and Conditions are accepted, posted in gallery and available for voting.

Submit pictures to: contests@silkroad-2017.com. In title of an e-mail write: "Show your country".

In description you have to write: 1) your name, surname and from what country are you. 2) Country (and area / city / place) where the picture was taken. 3) One of 4 categories of the photo: cities, landscapes, history and culture, local food. 4) If you want you can include your own comment and extra description of the photograph.

Term and conditions

With this competition we want to give amateurs, artists and professional photographers from different parts of the world the opportunity to present their photos and skills in the context of our expedition, thus contributing to the promotion and presentation of talents, artistic skills and countries on the expedition route.