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2016-09-25 News

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Jacek Palkiewicz’s statement on the New Silk Road 2017 expedition

The 2017 New Silk Road expedition is something more than just a journey. The more thought I gave on the project the more opportunities I saw, expending its horizons and features. After long time of consideration and research I came to a surprising conclusion and decision – to creating an event which would combine the ideas and values which adhere with today’s reality and areas of many fields.

With this expedition I would like to present a piece of history and what remains of it, the development of cultures and influence the Old Silk Road had on them. I would like to show that the old ideas and significance of the biggest route which witnessed trade of goods, culture, science and experience may find reference nowadays. During the expedition I intend to show historical monuments, tourist attractions, beautiful sceneries and places of historical and cultural values. My intention is to refresh the history of the Silk Road together with the cultures lying along it and to show the development of civilization.

The project is not about unilaterally favorable presentation of countries and promotion of their own initiatives, but about showing and promoting ideas and concepts that can have a positive impact and produce positive results for everyone. I want to show nations and their cultures as valuable and independent, capable of friendly and equal cooperation with one another. I wish to introduce Poland’s culture and values and to present it as an ambitious, open and friendly country with vast opportunities.

It’s hard to avoid speculations of different sort. The negatives of a given opportunity are always first to come to mind, many times overshadowing the benefits that can be achieved. The 2017 New Silk Road project is rich in travel, cultural, educational, historical, developmental and international values, which in my opinion makes it an ample, important and neutral event.

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