Silk Road as a great opportunity

Great opportunity for all nations connected by China’s "One Belt, One Road" (OBOR) initiative.

The Silk Road of our times is the greatest geo-strategical initiative, which provides opportunity of growth for all of the countries on its route.

The New Silk Road 2017 expedition will allow not only to support and strangthen background for growth of international trade or relations between nations but will also stimulate dialog between cultures, nations and people which share heritage of historic Silk Road.

Historic Silk Road brought nations closer through trading and had a big impact on shaping the world as we live in today: languages, art, education, technology.

Jacek Palkiewicz, President A. Duda, President Xi Jinping

Jacek Palkiewicz, author of the project "New Silk Road 2017" was presented to President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping (photo: G. Jakubowski/KPRP)

There is a chance, that Poland could become a logistic center, a transport hub, supporting trade between China and Europe, hence significant gain on transit, increase export and improve trade balance with China.

The "One Belt One Road" initiative will broaden the market area and open it to trade and investment cooperation. It can also lead to new cooperation opportunities in the fields of information technology, environmental protection, advanced technologies and the energy sector for all the countries on Silk Road route.

A rail cargo service between Chengdu and Lodz which was put into operation in 2013, runs along the New Silk Road traversing through Kazakhstan, Russian and Belarus. The transport line from China to Poland stretches for 9,826 km taking only 12-14 days, in comparison to 45 days of the ocean shipping time.

Thanks to the new rail route the city of Lodz has an opportunity of becoming a major logistic hub which may in consequence lead to filling the yet empty containers with products from Western Europe countries and Poland, Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan on its return route to China. This new rail route also opens great opportunities for all countries through which it runs to widen and tighten economic and business possibilities, increase import and export, amongst each other as well as Western Europe and Asian countries.

From the Chinese strategic perspective Poland, due to its geographical location, is a key country on the route of the New Silk Road. China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi, said that "Poland remains China’s biggest trading partner in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Through joint effort Your country can remain a major, strategic transport corridor between Europe and Asia." It means that there is a large possibility that many countries from Western, Central and Eastern Europe can benefit in wide range of fields not only with China and Asian market but between each other.

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Expedition starts: august - september 2017
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