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About the expedition

New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition

Information about the expedition project.

Introductory campaign: autumn 2017
The expedition: April - June 2018

The expedition

As in the old days merchant caravans traveled cross the Silk Road, so will the New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition cover it's over 10,000 km long route as a symbolic "caravan" of offroad cars running through China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Poland along the historical Silk Road .

During the expedition will be shown various monuments and remains of the Silk Road, different cultures and countries together with historical and cultural places inscribed on the UNESCO list.

The expedition also provides many attractions, adventures and public events along it's route as well as before the expedition and after it, including movies, books and exhibitions.


The expedition project

From the very beginning of the project and design of the expedition has gone through many minor and major changes in order to finally achieve the present, extended form and shape.

Jacek Palkiewicz's interest of the Silk Road has accompanied him from his youth to finally become a spark that fused the idea of this huge expedition. The combination of history, culture and education with exploration, travel and adventure has made possible the creation of an event of great magnitude, thanks to which, as the organizer hopes, it will be able to refresh and bring closer the history and different cultures to younger and older generations in today's busy world.

The whole project was designed so that everyone, regardless of gender, age or nationality, could find in it something for himself.

expedition route

Countries and the direction of the New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition route (China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland).

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Expedition & UNESCO

On over few thousand kilometers, the New Silk Rowad 2017/2018 expedition will cross through the Chang'an - Tiensanan corridor, an extensive network of roads of the Silk Road running through China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. This corridor was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. Among the 33 unique tourist attractions of the entire corridor are the palace complexes and the khanates, trade settlements, buddhist temples, ancient roads, fortifications and sacred buildings.

The New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition is under UNESCO patronage.

Unesco patronage


journey, expedition and adventure.

Full of
history, culture and attractions.

The exploration

Eksploracja wpływów i pozostałości Jedwabnego Szlaku i jego pnadczasowych idei w przeszłości, na teraźniejszość i przyszłość.

How did the ancient road impacted on cultures and coutries? Does the Silk Road ideology has it's place in todays reality and how it can fit and influence the future? Does history and culture and their knowledge have any meaning and importance for todays sociaties and single individuals, and on what scale? How one shared piece of history, one goal and one project can join different nations and support mutual cooperation, and in what degree?

How will we discover and gather answeres to our questions? In practice. From point of view of simple people, tourists, travelers as well as organizers of an international project.

When? During all the project, from the begining. From the creation of project and it's organizational stages, through the expedition, to events and outcomes after the expedition.


During the expedition there are many different adventure attractions planned with motives of the historical Silk Road and also cultures of countries on the expedition route.

A night on the desert as old merchant caravans did, local traditions and viliges, camels and other animals used by merchants on the Silk Road. This are only of adventures and a journey always brings many more and unexpected adventures, difficulties and interesting experiances.

Expedition attractions

During all the expedition project there are many different attractions and events planned.

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Organizational details

Learn more information about the organization of the expedition. Meet the expedition leader.

More details

Poland and the expedition

Find out why there is Poland on the expedition route and what is its place in it.

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New Silk Road 2017/2018

History, culture and education joined with adventure and journey. Road that crosses the history and shapes civilazetions.

Idea and project of the expedition created in Poland.