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Attractions, events & outcome

New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition

What is planned during amd after the expedition.

Introductory campaign: autumn 2017
The expedition: April - June 2018

Main conferences

During the expedition

Press, media and presentational conferences as a culminating point in capitols of 7 countries.

Conferences are planned as two part event: media/press and public all together lasting for 2 days. The beginning of each conference will be a symbolic cultural and economic (see below: "symbolic cultural and economic exchange") exchange in form of commemorative plaques presented by the organizer to invited representatives of each country, symbolizing the exchange of goods and culture by old merchants.

First part of conferences is designed as an official, media event full of presentations, speaches from organizer, patrons and partners including interviews and meetings with Jacek Palkiewicz.


Open for public part of conferences

During the expedition

Secod part of conferences will be open for public including meeting of people with Jacek Palkiewicz, getting to know the expedition by viewing the presentational exhibition.

In this part there will be a chance to meet and talk with Jacek Palkiewicz and to get his autograph. Specially design scenography about the expedition, Silk Road history and different cultures will be open as an exhibition for viewing. All that and much more will be available during this part of conferences.


Symbolic cultural and economic exchange

During the expedition

With regard to the historic Silk Road, the expedition will behave like a caravan of old merchants carrying symbolic goods in the form of commemorative plaques presented at major conferences. This attraction project is a symbolic reference to the commercial and cultural exchanges that took place through the Silk Road.

The project consists of 7 components: commemorative plaques and the element connecting the plaques into one consistent whole.

Each plaque represents one country in the shape of a quadrilateral, being a self-sufficient element. By applying the plates to each other and to the connecting element in the correct order, one full commemorative plaques is created.

An additional symbolic motif is the support and co-operation of the countries in expedition project organization and the Silk Road as a historic element connecting the countries on the expedition route.

For the purpose of this attraction were developed 3 designs of plaques of various forms and complexity. The visual representation shown in the picture shows the project that has gained the most popularity and will be used during the expedition.

symbolic plaques

Preview visualization of joined plaques. 1) Single plates of 7 countries. 2) Joining, middle element.


Adventure & culture

During the expedition

Many attractions showing different cultures of each country and Silk Road (from old merchant caravans point of view) showen in adventures way.


Monuments, history & tourist attractions

During the expedition

There will be a lot of history. We will show monuments and remnants of the Silk Road. Local tourist attraction and historical places significant for each country. We also won't forget about places from UNESCO list.


Landscapes & nature

During the expedition

Each country has its own amazing and significant landscapes. We will try to show it to you and use it to make the expedition even more attractive. Most interesting photos and gathered materials will be showen on the exhibitions after the expedition.

Video blog (mini series)

During the expedition

In short videos we will be showing and reporting the expedition progres, our adventures and day to day life. It will have a free form tourist and travelers point of view.

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The exhibitions

After the expedition

The exhibition summerizing the expedition will be prezented in each country on the expedition route (7 exhibitions). The exhibition will travel backwards to the expedition route (from Poland to China) as a symbolic ending of old merchant caravans journey returning to their place of origin.


Book publication

After the expedition

A book publication about the expedition, its organizational process and the historical Silk Road. The book will also show countries and their cultures and present the conclusion of explorational goals of the expedition.


Documentary movie

After the expedition

A full documentary movie with elements of adventure about the expedition and Silk Road including many side/background stories which will be evolving during the expedition.

Illustration book / comic book / photo story (for children)

After the expedition

A publication dedicated for children and younger readers. It will be showing the Silk Road history in form of illustrations mixed with comic book style and presenting the expedition adventures with a lot of photographs - comic book / photo story style.

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Is that all?

No, the above are only few most interesting elemnts of the expedition project. Before, during and after the expedition there are many more attractions and events planned. Some smaller then others, some bigger, all designed to make our project more attractive and interesting for everyone.