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New Silk Road 2017 / 2018



Introductory campaign: autumn 2017
The expedition: April - June 2018



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New Silk Road 2017/2018, Jacek Palkiewicz expedition

Based on the ancient Silk Road and a number of ideas that have been focussing on it, an incredible project has been created exciding far beyond an ordinary journey: a New Silk Road 2017/2018 international expedition. The project was born out of Jacek Palkiewicz's passion for traveling and his youthful fascination of the historic Silk Road.

The combination of routes of the Silk Road with interesting cultures of the countries through which the ancient routes has run, has allowed a creation of a huge event on international scale for all audiences of all ages. This amazing event consists of culture, history, education, exploration and adventure all fitted in perfectly to become one project and one expedition.

About the expedition

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Jacek Palkiewicz explains in few words about how he wants to present Poland and draw attention by his expedition.

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Jacek Palkiewicz and making of interviews

Added: 23-10-2017


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Poland and the expedition route

Why there is Poland on the expedition route? What connects Poland and the Silk Road? What is the place and role of Poland in the expedition project.

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Expedition attractions

What makes the New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition something more then just a simple journey? Check out attractions and events planned before, during and after the expedition.

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Organizational details

Read about the organizer and expedition leader. Leran more details and interesting information about organization and international cooperations.

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Official expedition teaser

New Silk Road 2017/2018 teaser

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Silk Road, an ispiration of the expedition project

Ancient Silk Road is a shared cultural heritage. The New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition is based on "the great economic project" which was the legendary system of caravan trade routes, used between III b.c. and half of the XVII century of our era. It combined China with Constantinople and Europe and on its entire length, over 7000 km, it promoted cultural, economic and political exchange, becoming a kind of prelude to the modern system of global economy, shaping development of civilization.

More about the Silk Road

Second part of the expedition?

There is also ongoing work on a framework project of continuation of the New Silk Road 2017/2018 expedition. The second part of the expedition concentrates on the second route crossing the Silk Road in Poland and will be called "New Amber Road 2019".

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"Thanks to the old Silk Road – says the creator and organizer of the New Silk Road 2017 expedition – great civilizations traded technological achievements and knowledge, met and mixed cultural influences. I believe that cultural heritage can be a foundation to building a broad cooperation. In today's global context, the ancient route may become a symbol of a high political, commercial and cultural potential of the entire region."

Jacek Palkiewicz
(Organizer and expedition leader)